STEM Entrepreneurship

Education Workshop

Virtual Enterprise Faculty Development Workshop 2016

About Our Workshop

The STEM Entrepreneurship Education Workshop will provide faculty and administrators the tools and resources to help infuse Virtual Enterprise into their STEM coursework. This will be an opportunity to see how a variety of STEM courses have infused VE in the classroom, and provides the framework to revise your existing syllabus.

As an added benefit for attending this limited seating workshop, all attendees who attend, and submit their revised syllabus for review will receive a $1500 stipend.

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About Our STEM Initiative

       Building on a successful track record to infuse soft-skills and entrepreneurship into STEM courses, Advanced Technological Education Television, Baruch College, the Institute for Virtual Enterprise at the City University of New York, and Pellet Productions, Inc. have developed a series of web videos that depict students from four community colleges creating science and technology businesses, using the NSF/ATE-funded STEM Virtual Enterprise (STEM-VE) pedagogy. In this model, students assume the roles of members of business enterprises and operate their businesses face-to-face in teams. STEM-VE is a modular, active-learning pedagogical framework for delivering the content of existing IT, biotechnology and electronics courses and teaching technical, business and interpersonal skills within the context of an entrepreneurial experience.

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