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Nature of New York

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The CUNY IVE/CollegeNow Nature of New York Initiative is a series of workshops and credit-bearing courses that offer younger CUNY students a hands-on learning experience in urban ecology and environmental leadership. In addition to the traditional classroom exposure to the natural sciences, students are given the unique opportunity to explore the city's wildlife and engage in direct ecological action through experiential learning projects. Students are introduced to a network of NY-based environmental and scientific organizations and exposed to as many summer internship and career opportunities. They are encouraged to see and help solve the many environmental and public health issues that face their communities (air and water quality, waste vs. energy conservation, traffic congestion vs. public transportation, plant, animal and habitat preservation, ecological footprinting).

The classroom experience: focuses on ecological literacy; i.e.: learning the processes and patterns that define all living systems (cells, organisms, communities, ecosystems) and their role in sustaining the natural history of the NY region.

Field trips: focus on the forests of Inwood Park (Manhattan) and wetlands of Jamaica Bay and the Hudson River Estuary (Queens, Brooklyn). Students explore and help inventory the rocks, plants and animals of the New York region and learn how they combine to benefit the health and well-being of the city’s inhabitants. In the process students become creators, not just consumers of knowledge.

Environmental leadership and career opportunities: students identify and pursue their own projects. Instruction assists them with networking resources and an early exposure to potential professional and/or academic careers in the natural sciences and environmental health. Students are invited to join the IVE ‘Green teams Initiative” as an additional provided resource.

Most importantly, the IVE/CN Nature of New York series aims to help students develop their own personal relationship to the natural environment, by providing them with the vision needed to identify the ecological realities of their everyday existence.

Pictures from IVE/CN Winter Workshop 2005
Pictures from IVE/CN Now Spring Workshop 2005
Video from IVE/CN Now Spring Workshop 2005


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