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Nature of New York

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[Sustaining the Nature of New York]

Towards an ethical partnership between business and the environment in NYC.

Whereas sustainable development in Metropolitan New York can be achieved by:

  1. Possessing a knowledge of business, ethics and finance;
  2. acquiring both a cultural and ecological literacy of the City of New York ; and
  3. re-imagining the historical relationship between society and nature.

Sustaining the Nature of New York is designed to develop leadership skills in sustainable development while using New York City as a case study in the contemporary conflict between economic development and environmental protection. It offers intellectual, applied and experiential activities as well as on-line workshops and field-trips in the natural areas of New York . It is a credit-bearing course offered by the CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise (IVE) through the Business and Liberal Arts Program at Queens College. You can also take this course as a non-credit course..

During the semester, students will engage in the comparative analysis of NYC’s human and natural histories. They will come to understand, experience and elaborate on the hidden reciprocities and synergies of the social, industrial and biological environments of New York , past and present. They will work with the hidden but necessary connections between economic, cultural and ecological literacies; learning to implement a multi-pronged approach to sustainability by forging an ethical partnership between business and the environment. Ultimately, students will be encouraged to re-imagine the historical relationship between society and nature, and how to nurture in our current context the multiple ‘natures’ of New York – its strong economy and increasingly healthy ecology.

While working towards an over-arching method of sustainable development, the students will use their freshly acquired perceptional and practical skills by conducting individual/group research projects on site-specific and/or subject specific ventures in sustainability in NYC. The will be required to find an environmentally friendly solution to a business problem, or a business friendly solution to an environmental problem. In the process, they will learn to selectively network with the vast web of business communities and grassroots environmental and community groups.

Additionally there will be an ongoing online discussion which will allow the students to exchange ideas and thoughts throughout the entire semester. A final event will allow students to present their projects and solutions to a selected audience.

To register please send you contact information (Name, College, Address, Phone number and Email) to or


If you want to receive credit for this program you will have to secure a permit at your home college. The new "e-Permit" allows students for the first time to file an online request to take a course at another CUNY college.

The program is a credit-bearing course offered by the CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise (IVE) through the Business and Liberal Arts Program at Queens College:

BALA 398.3: Nature of New York ; 3 credits; 3 hours
Section: ZA
Course Code: 1583
Time: Every other Friday from 12:00 noon - 2:30 pm
Instructor: David Rosane
Comment: Restricted to Nature of New York students only

To access the e-Permit, go to and click the "Log In" button at the left. Next, register by clicking on "Register" and follow the directions to obtain an ID and password. Once registered, a personalized homepage will appear with an e-Permit link prominently displayed. Follow the instructions for filing a permit request on the e-Permit site.



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