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Sustaining The Nature of New York
A new course is offered this spring at CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise.

Cleaner waters
Hudson River Foundation issues report showing that health of New York Harbor has improved. [more]

Real-time monitoring
Stevens Institute of Technology launches New York City's first marine observatory.

Deep Urban Nature
Explore some of New York City's best nature preserves with the Parks Department.

The latest Buzz? Rooftop Honey
Honey Bees roam the Cityscape in search of flowers to pollinate. [more]

A Cooler New York
Learn how green roofs can bring temperatures down and improve water quality. [more]

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The People of New York

 “ Does the peregrine falcon have something in common with a New Yorker? Aren’t they both in search of a nesting ground? Don’t they both experience competition for food and resources? Don’t they both possess an inherent will to survive in the midst of an ever-changing environment?” - Tamika Estwick, Hunter College, Graduate of 2004


Across the Globe, shifting economies and local conflicts are pushing more and more people out of rural areas and into the worlds metropolises. Immigration to big cities of the United States include New York, where the population has continued to grow - reaching a current population of over 8million according to the census data of 2000.


The melting-pot

New York City is characterized by a very diverse ethnic pool. There are over 170 languages spoken and 35.9% of New Yorkers were foreign-born [more]. In recent years, foreign-born New Yorkers increased from 2.1million in 1990 to 2.9million in 2000. Among the foreign born population of NYC, 52.6% are Hispanic or Latino, 19.4% European and 23.9% Asian [more]. As today’s foreign-born population continues to increase the native-born declines, the later declining by 5.1million or 2% in 2000 as compared to statistics in1990.



New York City is currently one of the most densely populated cities in the United States, with an average of 10,000 people per square km for only 831 square kilometers of surface area. Efforts to maintain the habitable nature of NY city in the midst of such constant growth is a painstaking endeavor.


New York State

As a state, New York ranks 42nd in population growth with a current growth of 5.5%. Compared to many other states New York’s rate of growth is quite small; however legislators are taking the mentioned statistics into consideration in order to ensure that there are an adequate and efficient distribution of resources.


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