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Virtual Enterprise

What is VE?

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Where is VE?

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Student Workbook

Click here to order!To All Educators/Students Interested/Involved in Virtual Enterprise:

It’s here! The first-ever printed material on Virtual Enterprise has arrived. The workbook is entitled, Virtual Enterprise: A Resource for Student Success in the Real and Virtual World. The workbook was written by me, Anthony Borgese, and is published by Kendall/Hunt. The ISBN number is 0-7575-0839-1. You may order copies of the workbook directly from the Kendall/Hunt web site.

The workbook gives a history of Virtual Enterprise and describes the VE global marketplace. There are chapters on Learning about Virtual Enterprise and entrepreneurial education, such as VE start up strategies. There are also chapters on what is to be expected from faculty members and students within the Virtual Enterprise program.

The workbook also covers applied learning and business skills including: choosing and learning about a VE position and career development, using office machines and interoffice communication, writing business plans and participating in the various Virtual Enterprise events, and more.

For students and educators who are sometimes unable to get up to speed on this wonderful method of instruction, there are VE employee task outlines, and tasks by department. There is also an easy to understand VEC Banking software training and easy to follow financial reports section. No more worrying about finding that non-math major to take an accounting position!

Finally, there are exercises for all students and the forms they need to be successful within VE. Activity Log Sheets, Skills Inventory Forms, and the Employment Contract are available in one place. What’s more is students can tear out their forms for processing within the VE and then slip them right into their portfolios for grading!

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the Kendall/Hunt web site to order this workbook and see how VE can help you with your career education endeavors.

Thank you.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly at:


Professor Anthony Borgese


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