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Virtual Enterprise

What is VE?

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Where is VE?

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IVE Global Collaborative

The Institute for Virtual Enterprise (IVE) a Special Initiative of the City University of New York fosters student engagement and success through active learning. IVE employs simulations and other applied learning strategies to support and amplify academic learning. IVE fosters faculty development, scholarship, research and technology innovation creating learning community comprised of learners, educators, and business partners.

In pursing this mission, IVE has created a Global Collaborative (GC):

• IVE/GC serves as a clearing house to facilitate sharing and dissemination of best practices, events, technology innovation, student/faculty interaction and scholarship.

• IVE/GC does not apply a litmus test for participation in the Global Collaborative or levy any fees, dues or other charges for participation.

• IVE/GC is based on an “open source” model by making its technology backbone including a bank, credit card and stock market available at no cost to those interested in collaborative learning partnerships.

• IVE/GC recognizes, encourages, and embraces the development of diverse learning models to meet the goals and objectives of the partnering institutions. IVE/GC does not believe that “one size fits all.”

• IVE/GC Technology “Back Bone” currently comprises a micro-economy. IVE is presently developing a technology interface for the “Macro Economy” so that students will better understand the impact of economic policy on their enterprises. This will create new learning opportunities for students around the world in our increasingly global economy.

• IVE/GC will serve as a catalyst to develop and apply technology innovation fostering student-to-student communication as well as continuous faculty training and development. This will redeploy scarce resources to meet student/program needs and enrich the learning experience for participating institutions.

• Partnering is defined by IVE/GC as meeting the goals and objectives of the participating institution(s) and learning from them. The objective is to enrich the Collaborative with new models and best practices, to seek external funding from private and public sources to support further global innovation by IVE/GC partners.

• IVE/GC encourages participation with multiple service providers/networks in the virtual world. IVE/GC believes in inclusion; rather than excluding those eager to work collaboratively.

• IVE/GC recognizes the value of face-to-face events, colloquia, competitions, etc., to enhance student learning and faculty collaboration. It will seek to craft such regional, national and international opportunities to convene IVE/GC learning partners in a sensitive and cost effective manner that adds value to the Collaboration.

• IVE/GC seeks to minimize costly and wasteful bureaucracy and regulation in the virtual world. We believe that these are impediments to a vigorous and vibrant global economy that divert scarce resources from our mission.

To further explore the Virtual World here are some links for you to navigate:

Country Networks

1. Australia
2. Austria
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4. Brazil
5. Bulgaria
6. Canada
7. Czech Republic
8. Denmark
9. Finland
10. France
11. Germany
12. Greece
13. Hong Kong
14. Hungry
15. Italy
16. Japan
17. Lithuania
18. Netherlands
19. Norway
20. Poland
21. Spain
22. Sweden
23. Switzerland
24. Uganda
25. Ukaine
26. Great Britain
27. Russia
28. Romania
29. Slovak Republic
30. Slovenia
31. USA

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