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Our Credit Card system allows students around the world to interact virtually.   Students run virtual businesses in a Global Virtual Economy.   The Leadership Program bridges the gap between academic education and real-world implementation.

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  Registration Now Open Student Stock Market Competition 2009

The past couple of weeks have been quite turbulent in the global economy and stock markets all over the world have experienced many ups and even more downs. This economic roller coaster ride has led to many economic policy decisions and interest rates have been cut on a regular basis to fend off what - unfortunately - has turned into a recession. However, this is not all bad news when it comes to our students and the huge learning opportunities that are being presented to us. What better way than taking these real world developments and bringing them directly to your students by allowing them to participate in this year's Student Stock Market Competition? Your students will not only gain trading experience but also to learn how to navigate the stock markets by investing in stocks that are listed on NYSE, AMEX, and Nasdaq. On top of that, students can also invest in virtual stocks from Virtual Enterprises that have gone public over the past couple of years.

Let me take this opportunity to invite you and your students to participate in the 4th IVE Student Stock Market Competition 2009.

Our first competition was features on CBS Moneywatch. 400 students participated in last year's the competition. The trading results can be viewed at:

In order to sign up, here is what your students need to do:

  1. Students must register their trading accounts online at : Last day for registration will be January 30, 2009!
  2. On February 1, 2009 all participants will receive their trading budget of $ 10,000 transferred to their accounts.
  3. Trading stops on March 29, 2009 at Midnight E.D.S.T.
  4. The winners, students who made the most profit, will be announced at our IVE Global Collaborative Conference in April 2009 and will receive prizes and awards.
  5. For detailed information and to download the handbook please visit:

Thank you all for your continued support and please feel free to share this email with other colleges and high schools.

I am looking for an exciting competition.
Best regards,

Christoph Winkler,
Associate Director, CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise
212-502-2945 (Manhattan office)
718-368-4637 (Brooklyn office)
347-782-6201 (cell)
cwinkler_ny (skype)


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