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Student projects that have successfully grown into real entrepreneurial ventures.   Our Credit Card system allows students around the world to interact virtually.   Students run virtual businesses in a Global Virtual Economy.

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In your class there are many different faces. Some of them are familiar; others one has never seen. Each semester is like a lottery. When one enters a new classroom there is hope one will see an old classmate or friend. There is also anticipation of meeting great, new people. Maybe one likes that kind of surprise, but there are certainly advantages with knowing who is in your class, before starting or signing up for the course. This is similar to students reviewing the detailed ratings of the professors in order to know what to expect.

This is where the new website comes in. It was founded by Arber Ruci, a remarkable student from the City College of New York and the CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise. He gathered a team of distinguished minds. Arber's team mainly consists of students from CCNY, who bring different skills to support him on this fascinating project. Throughout the summer they have been working successfully on web design, developing project goals and funding. Over a short amount of time he managed to bring his idea to life by establishing the Social Network site.

In order to keep it sustainable throughout the semesters it is not only going to show who is in your class, but also gives each student a communication platform to exchange class notes and share viewpoints and ideas besides a series of other options. The project has a lot of potential to expand massively in the future into something similar to Craigslist on a more academic level. This will be the first networking site specifically created for CUNY students.

The facilitated building of connections will contribute to an even closer student community. Arber himself advertises the website humorously with the slogan "find out who is in your class and get to know that cutie in the next row!" By keeping the website simple, without detailed profiles, he seeks to attract many students. There is no doubt that this charming enterprise will attract everyone and get a fast hold within the CUNY system. The anticipation among students and the team is growing until it will be launched toward the end of this fall semester.

Written by: Hannah-Sophie Wahle - PR Director


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