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Our Credit Card system allows students around the world to interact virtually.   Students run virtual businesses in a Global Virtual Economy.   The Leadership Program bridges the gap between academic education and real-world implementation.

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  IVE Fosters Student Leaders and Social Entrepreneurs

The CUNY/IVE Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Program held its 8th annual Kick-Off Event on January 29, 2010. Dr. James McCarthy, Provost of Baruch College, welcomed the students to Baruch�s Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship with an inspirational note about Mr. Field, whom he described as a �typical CUNY student and successful entrepreneur." Dr. McCarthy wished all students the same success, hoping that in fifty years �there will be a Field center with your name on it.�

Mr. Christoph Winkler, IVE�s Associate and Program Director, introduced the Program to the students and emphasized that IVE will help them to �explore their potential and acquire opportunities not only for themselves but the larger community.� He encouraged students to think about their leadership journey by embracing principles of project management and identifying achievable goals for the semester.

Highlight of the morning was a presentation by IVE alum Arber Ruci, who shared with the group his personal experience as a Program participant and how the Program has helped him to start his own business , an innovative social networking site from and for CUNY students.

Following Arber�s presentation, the student leaders started brainstorming about possible project ideas, ranging from a resource guide for victims of hurricane Katrina to a resource center for mothers within CUNY. The actual project work, continued communication, and mentorship will take place online at IVE�s social networking site. In addition, IVE will hold three face-to-face Roundtables with the following topics:

  1. Career Advice
  2. Demystifying Entrepreneurship
  3. Successful Elevator Presentations

For a full list of events please visit:

Please be sure to check out the pictures and videos on our social networking site at


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