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Our Credit Card system allows students around the world to interact virtually.   Students run virtual businesses in a Global Virtual Economy.   The Leadership Program bridges the gap between academic education and real-world implementation.

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  Edgar Troudt and Christoph Winkler Won the Prestigious Michael Ribaudo Award for Computing Achievement

Kingsborough's Edgar Troudt, technology director for the CUNY Institute of Virtual Enterprise (IVE) and Dr. Christoph Winkler, associate and curriculum director for IVE, won the prestigious 2010 Dean Michael Ribaudo Award for computing achievements.

The award recognizes individuals who have played a role in the development of technology benefitting their college, its faculty, staff and students. It honors Michael Ribaudo, the late CUNY Dean of Computer Information Systems and Chief Technology Officer.

The award was presented by CUNY-IT at its annual conference on December 3, 2010.

Nominated for the award by Richard Graziano, chairman of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality, both Troudt and Winkler spearheaded the development of several technological tools for education that are used in the department: the Institute for Virtual Enterprise (IVE) Market- Maker and Cyberhotel. The MarketMaker is a vital instructional tool to permit students in Virtual Enterprise classes to do research, maintain personal and corporate accounts, and trade products and services in the virtual marketplace.

Winkler developed the On-Line Trading Day in which students in Virtual Enterprise classes can interact via distance learning with students in other colleges and universities from places as far away as California, Austria and Hong Kong.

Troudt has frequently discussed trends in technology and technology education at President's Faculty forums. His presentation in 2010 on Second Life was extremely well received and created an animated discussion of the use of technology in the classroom.

"As CUNY's dean for Computer and Information Systems, Michael Ribaudo took a great interest in Virtual Enterprise. He was instrumental in securing approval for the Institute of Virtual Enterprise at Kingsborough. Christoph and Edgar have been responsible for the growth and development of IVE, as a leader of innovation of instructional technology at CUNY," said Dr. Stuart Schulman, executive director of IVE and The Center for Economic Workforce Development at Kingsborough.

The CUNY Board of Trustees voted to create IVE in May 2002 to house a series of existing and new initiatives to enhance the engagement of CUNY students and their success. It now serves thousands of CUNY students.

Its mission is to enhance student engagement and success by building awareness in financial literacy and entrepreneurship, leadership, and environmental preservation within a context of sustainable development.

News announcement originally posted on KCC Currents


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