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Our Credit Card system allows students around the world to interact virtually.   Students run virtual businesses in a Global Virtual Economy.   The Leadership Program bridges the gap between academic education and real-world implementation.

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  Virtual Enterprise's National Push

In August of 2011, the Institute for Virtual Enterprise (VE) at the City University of New York announced the Virtual Enterprise Fellows Program. The first cohort of Fellows are collecting data about VE's impact on students' soft and entrepreneurial skills and how the pedagogy provides students with a breadth of perspective on science and technology industries. The Fellows are also charged with expanding the program through mentoring new implementers, developing instructional materials for dissemination and writing scholarly articles. The 2011 fellows are Les Finley (Rhodes State College, OH), Dan Greenwood (Brookdale Community College, NJ), John Gibson (Glendale Community College, AZ), Lori Jacobson (Bay de Noc Community College, MI), Ethel Schuster (Northern Essex Community College, MA), and Christina Schweikert (St. John's University, NY). Each has played a role in the national STEM Virtual Enterprise Implementers' Conference in June 2011.

The Institute and its fellows continue to expand the VE program through new projects. This summer marked the start of a planning grant by the National Science Foundation for the National Center for Technological Entrepreneurship. The CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise has been repeatedly funded by the National Science Foundation's ATE program (DUE-0501711, DUE-0802365, DUE-1104183) to work on educational programs that infuse entrepreneurial skills and experiences into STEM classrooms. The simulation pedagogy, Virtual Enterprise, has students in STEM classrooms building simulated businesses that coincide with the learning done in their major. The success of the STEM Virtual Enterprise has led to the funding of a planning grant for a National Center for Technological Entrepreneurship.

In the coming months, the Institute will propose two large media projects. The first is a reality-style web-video series that follows four student teams' science and technology businesses, from different parts of the country, through their development lifecycle. The second is a rich-media entrepreneurship component to several e-textbooks.

For more information about the STEM Virtual Enterprise of the VE Fellows Program, visit or email


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