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The stock market game is taken to a whole new level in the Global Virtual Economy.   Students run virtual businesses in a Global Virtual Economy.   The Leadership Program bridges the gap between academic education and real-world implementation.

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  IVE SmartPitch - A Celebration of CUNY Student Entrepreneurs

On Friday, October 14th the five finalists and participants of CUNY IVE's 2011 Summer Incubator Program were invited to IVE's First Annual SmartPitch event to celebrate their accomplishments as part of the 9th iteration of the CUNY IVE Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Program . The first stop of the celebration led the students the IBM sponsored THINK exhibit at Lincoln Center, where students got a chance to participate in an interactive and self-directed exploration of "how progress is shaped through a common and systematic approach." Following the exhibit, the students moved on to their next stop, which was at the IBM Building on 590 Madison Avenue where they presented their business plans to an expert panel of commentators, which was comprised of Mr. Eric Apse (Partner at IBM's Venture Capital Group), Mr. David Blumenstein (Founder of tekworks), Ms. Monica Dean (Administrative Director of Laurence N. Field Programs in Entrepreneurship at Baruch College), and Mr. Henning Seip (President of SkillPROOF Inc.). The commentators' role was to give the students more feedback about their progress and tips about the next steps during their business startups. The comments did not only offer invaluable insights for the presenting teams but engaged the audience of over 50 CUNY entrepreneurship students. Dr. Stuart Schulman (Executive Director of IVE) and Dr. Edward Rogoff (Chair of the Management Department at Baruch) were delighted to welcome all students and offered words of thanks and encouragement to all student entrepreneurs on the stage as well as in the audience. Special thanks were also given to Mr. Rolando Franco (Executive IT Architect and IBM Ambassador to CUNY) and Mr. Daryl Pereira (developerWorks Web and Social Media Manager at IBM Software Group) who have been instrumental in nurturing the collaboration between IBM and CUNY IVE in order to build out the CUNY IVE Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Program into robust program that combines elements of social networking, face-to-face roundtables and virtual business incubation. IBM also recognized this work by presenting an IBM Faculty Award to Dr. Christoph Winkler for his work. The Award was presented by Mr. Kevin Faughnan (Director of the IBM Academic Initiative). While the SmartPitch event marked the conclusion of the 9th cycle of the CUNY IVE Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Program, all five student finalists have been inducted into the IVE Fellow's Program, which will continue to provide mentorship and resources to the students. IVE and IBM are proud of these accomplishments and are already working on scaling the program to making it available to even more students across the University.

Event pictures and videos of the student presentations can be accessed on our Picasa and Youtube channels.


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