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Student projects that have successfully grown into real entrepreneurial ventures.   Our Credit Card system allows students around the world to interact virtually.   Students run virtual businesses in a Global Virtual Economy.

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  The CUNY IVE 3rd annual Faculty Development Seminar

The CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise hosted its 3rd annual Faculty Development Seminar on June 19 and 20, 2014. This year's topic: "From Entrepreneurship Students to Student Entrepreneurs" provided an overview of Virtual Enterprise pedagogy and tools available throughout the University. Virtual Enterprise (VE) provides faculty and administrators with the ingredients to develop or advance entrepreneurship outposts at their home college by providing curricula and instructional technology that can be applied across different disciplines.

Participants learned about a series of tools provided by CUNY IVE to work with students at all stages of the entrepreneurship education spectrum: Awareness, Simulation, Incubation and Launch. Over the course of two days, participants were able to develop their own business ideas using the VE framework, build an online store using MarketMaker, IVE's virtual economy, and practiced their persuasive skills by participating in a pitch competition. They heard directly from IVE students who have benefited from the IVE entrepreneurship education programs over the last year and shared how this approach has helped advance their business ideas and hone in their entrepreneurship skills. One of the students, Aditya Kumarakrishnan won the first prize in this year’s Smartpich, IVE's pitch competition in partnership with the Verizon Foundation. Aditya's business, Tesla Truck would provide top notch mobile science education equipment to public schools. This innovative idea won him the first prize of $10,000.

The seminar allowed for dozens of faculty and administrators from 14 CUNY colleges to start collaborating and unifying entrepreneurship education resources across the system in anticipation of the launch of the first CUNY incubator which will launch in July of 2014. The new CUNY Student Enterprises (CSE) initiative will develop a CUNY-wide network to support the entrepreneurship education spectrum across all 24 CUNY campuses and coordinate University resources to maximize entrepreneurship outcomes.

Documents from the seminar can be access HERE. For questions about this event please contact Julissa Baez at


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