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In seconds, students around the globe can create websites to market their virtual wares.   Students run virtual businesses in a Global Virtual Economy.   The Leadership Program bridges the gap between academic education and real-world implementation.

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  CIT/IVE Leadership Roundtables, December 7

Getting through the door:
Tips and tricks on how to successfully apply for a job.

The CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise and CIT[organized a series of three Leadership Roundtables at the Harvard Club in New York City this fall. The goal of these roundtable discussions is to bring students, faculty and private sector people together and discuss a variety of (mostly leadership and career related) topics. The first two roundtables (10/20 and 11/09) dealt with 'How to effectively pitch a project,' and 'How to get an Entrepreneurial Venture started.' In our third and last roundtable this fall our featured speakers will give participating students some inside tips and tricks on how to successfully apply for a job in order to get a career started. In particular, we will talk about resume writing, job interviews, and how to present and market yourself best. Students will also get an opportunity to talk and network with other CUNY students and people from various kinds of fields.

The roundtable discussion will be facilitated by:

Dr. Otis Hill, Former CUNY Vice Chancellor

Lourdes Lopez, Assistant to the Director of HR, Hunter College

Mr. Steven Leavenworth, Senior VP, CIT

Dr. Stuart Schulman, Director of IVE & Entrepreneur

IVE wants to express its gratitude to our sponsor and host Mr. Steven Leavenworth (Senior VP, CIT) who made these events happen.

For further information, and/or if you are interested in participating, please contact Christoph Winkler, at or 718.368.4637.

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